The Worlds War by Olusoga David

The Worlds War
by Olusoga David
Price: BDT 2000
Sale Price: BDT 1700

A unique account of the millions of colonial troops who fought in the First World War and why they were later air-brushed out of history.
World war one book of the year
In a sweeping narrative, David Olusoga describes how Europe’s Great War became the World’s War a multiracial, multi-national struggle, fought in Africa and Asia as well as in Europe, which pulled in men and resources from across the globe.
Throughout, he exposes the complex, shocking paraphernalia of the era’s racial obsessions, which dictated which men would serve, how they would serve and to what degree they would suffer. As vivid and moving as it is revelatory and authoritative.
The World’s War explores the experiences and sacrifices of 4 million non-European, non-white people whose stories have remained too long in the shadows.


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