Power Math by Brandon Royal

Power Math
by Brandon Royal
Price: BDT 600
Sale Price: BDT 510

Accidental Breakthroughs in Science Penicillin, DNA Fingerprinting, Cellphone, Microwave Oven, Botox and many more Have you wondered how some of the greatest products that we know of today actually came about? And often it is as much down to chance as it is about a single person’s brilliance. 24 Discoveries That Changed the World is a fascinating read on the chance discoveries of the world. Meet some of the extraordinary minds behind the famous inventions and innovations. From penicillin to post-it notes, and from Botox to cellphone, the book explores the role of chance and error in scientific, medical and commercial innovations, and how some of the world’s most popular and significant inventions came to be. Graeme Donald is the author of a number of books about the meaning of words and popular misconceptions, including Loose Cannons and The Man Who Shot the Man Who Shot Lincoln.


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