366 Gems from Hinduism by Robert Van De Weyer

366 Gems from Hinduism
by Robert Van De Weyer
Price: BDT 800
Sale Price: BDT 680

Hinduism means incorporating all forms of belief and worship without necessitating the selection or elimination of any. This book incorporates literature from ancient sacred texts of India considered as the Kernel of Hinduism.

Jaico’s 366 Gems Series is the first comprehensive collection of the spiritual literature of the whole world presented in accessible form. It is aimed at people who wish to broaden their spiritual outlook, and also at the much larger group who have little or no attachment to a religious community, but seek spiritual wisdom.
Each volume in the series contains major writings of one of the world’s spiritual traditions, presented in the form of an annual cycle of daily readings.

366 Gems from Hinduism includes:
• The Vedas, the ancient hymns which form the basis of Hindu spirituality
• The Upanishads, the collection of meditations and stories embodying Hindu thought
• The Bhagavad Gita, the sayings of Krishna which embrace all spiritual life
• The original instructions in the practice of Yoga, and its underlying philosophy
• The devotional poems and meditations of the Indian mystics

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