Become a Magnet to Money by Bob Proctor, Michele Blood

Become a Magnet to Money
by Bob Proctor, Michele Blood
Price: BDT 600
Sale Price: BDT 510

Includes FREE audiobook
This audiobook is for those who wish to manifest money and success through spiritual principles. Delve deeply into your soul’s true potential and purpose. Discover your level of consciousness.

This book by Bob Proctor & Michele Blood goes deep… deeper than you may have ever experienced before. If you only knew the Omnipotent Power that you can plug into… your life would not only be wealthier, it would be breathtaking…

Here in this fully comprehensive book on how to attract wealth and raise consciousness these two come together and teach what is an accumulation of over 60 years of experience and positive influence.

This magical book has two parts in one powerful volume, and could be the magic lamp for which you have been searching! Read and learn how to… Become A Magnet to Money. And learn how to raise your spiritual power of awareness through… The Sea of Unlimited Consciousness.

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