What to Say and How to Say It by Donald H. Weiss

What to Say and How to Say It
by Donald H. Weiss
Price: BDT 600
Sale Price: BDT 510

Practical Tips for Effective Workplace Communication

What to Say and How to Say It provides managers with reallife situations, sample dialogues and practical tips on how to say the right thing to employees at just the right time. It covers performance appraisals, coaching shy employees, dealing with hostile employees, taking corrective action and many other tough situations on the job.

With this book, managers and supervisors can now prepare, plan, and even rehearse in advance for sticky situations. The author presents actual “scripts” – sample dialogs for specific problems.

Using the author’s targeted advice, the dialogs and side bars of key words and phrases, readers will be able to:
• Say just the right thing at the right time in the right way
• Avoid embarrassment and awkwardness
• Build good relationships and defuse conflict
• Work with difficult, emotional, or even hostile employees
• Guide a conversation to a productive outcome for everyone involved

Donald H. Weiss is president of SelfManagement Communications, Inc. and has been a training and development executive and consultant for more than 30 years. In addition to consulting work, he has held management positions with Citicorp, Millers Mutual Insurance, and Equitable. Dr. Weiss’s many books include the first two editions of Fair, Square & Legal, Secrets of the Wild Goose and The SelfManagement Workshop: A Trainer’s Guide. He lives in the St. Louis area.

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