Kaifi Azmi: Poems, Nazms by Sudeep Sen

Kaifi Azmi: Poems, Nazms
by Sudeep Sen
Price: BDT 1000
Sale Price: BDT 850

Kaifi Azmi: Poems, Nazms is a perfect gift and homage to the great poet’s 100th birth centenary celebrations. This specially curated volume contains 50 carefully chosen poems from his lifetime’s immense oeuvre. It brings together some of the finest translators, poets, scholars, filmmakers – HUSAIN MIR ALI, BAIDAR BAKHT, SUMANTRA GHOSAL, PRITISH NANDY, SUDEEP SEN (also the editor) – as a team to produce this stunning bilingual English-Hindi collection. In addition, the book contains a selection of rare archival photographs of the life and times of Kaifi Azmi going back to his childhood. This centenary bilingual English – Hindi volume is a collector’s edition.

Pathak Shamabesh Centre
Shahbag: 01841234612
Uttara: 0184123460

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