Falling over Backwards by SHOURIE ARUN

Falling over Backwards
Price: BDT 1200
Sale Price: BDT 1020

Key Features The book examines the issue of reservations in India, and as such is extremely topical and controversial The author, a number of whose books have been bestsellers, is one of the most prominent intellectuals in the country The book is being launched with three other titles by the same author and will be backed by a multi-city author tour to promote these About the Book: Falling Over Backwards: An Essay on Reservations and Judicial Populism Reservations in jobs and education have always been a contentious issue. Ever since Prime Minister V.P. Singh unleashed the Mandal Commission report in 1989, the issue of reservations has been hotly debated across India’s social and political spectrum. But have reservations really served the purpose they were intended for? In Falling Over Backwards, Arun Shourie, with characteristic attention to detail and meticulous research, points to ‘the truth about reservations: that they are a sleight of hand of the politician’.

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