Dr. Jamshed Sanyiath Ahmed Choudhury was born in Sylhet, Bangladesh, Studied at the University of Dhaka: School of Oriental and African Studies SOAS, University of London: University of Hull in England and University of Heidelberg in Germany. A senior Chartered Accounted trained in England. Dr. Choudhury started hi career in London and worked in Canada and various European Countries. Originally, a student of political science, his main interest always remained around academic research. He obtained his Doctorate (Dr. rer. Pol) from the South Asian institute, Faculty of Economics and Social Science, University of Heidelberg in Germany. A Political Historian, his field of interest include : History of the Muslims of Bengal; Indian Independence Movement; War of Liberation and Independence of Bangladesh and History of Human Settlements and Developments in Southern Asia. Dr. Choudhury is now working as a senior Consultant with an international Development Consultancy Firm in London, UK.