Dr. Mofakkharul Iqbal is a researcher on the Bangladesh Liberation War and the Great Leader Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He has taken a deep interest in his life and work and has made noteworthy contributions through his in-depth research and critical analysis in this arena.

In 1971, the army-backed Pakistan government used unspeakable force and violence against the people of East Pakistan, yet Bangladesh gained independence in just nine months after an all out struggle against the repressive regime. The subcontinent has been witnessed to similar mass struggles in its illuminated history. The researcher, through his study and analysis, has attempted to find an answer to many such tales of the glorious saga of the region.

Dr. Iqbal has published numerous research articles in international journals; both on Bangabandhu and the Liberation war of Bangladesh. Four books have been published under his editorship, i.e., Sheikh Hasina: The Story of a Blossoming Bangladesh, Bangabandhu in Parade Ground, Aponjon: Sheikh Hasina, and Bangabandhu & Bangladesh.

Dr. Iqbal did his BSS (Hons) and MSS in Economics from The University of Dhaka and PhD from Assam University.