Dr. Sajid Bin Doza, a distinguished artist, architect, and academician from Rajshahi, possesses a versatile artistic portfolio that transcends conventional boundaries. Fueled by the historical richness of northern Bengal, he seamlessly transforms architectural designs into masterpieces, showcasing exceptional talents in painting, cartooning, and clay modeling. Dr. Sajid’s international acclaim is a testament to his outstanding artistic prowess. Academically, his commitment to continuous learning is evident from a Bachelor’s in Architecture from the University of Khulna in ’99 to a Ph.D. in the History of Art from the University of Évora in 2016, supported by a prestigious European Union scholarship. Since 2009, he has been a pivotal figure at BRAC University and is currently the Dean of the School of Science & Technology at the State University of Bangladesh. His commitment to education is evident in initiatives like architectural heritage tours and an annual live sketching workshop, providing students with immersive experiences and hands-on platforms to unleash their creativity. Professor Dr. Sajid Bin Doza continues to shape the future of architecture while leaving an indelible mark in both academic and artistic realms.