Customer Service

To help first time visitors at Pathak Shamabesh site, we have put together a series of simple steps. Need to follow the same and get a “Wow” Shopping experience…

Pathakshamabesh is a virtual premium bookstore, also keeping other products on Customer demand and is laid out as simply as possible. If you know the Book you wish to purchase, just enter the relevant Category using the links on the top of every page (book Category in this case).

Once inside a Category, we urge you to spend a few moments on the home page of the store you entered. At a glance you will get to know about all the current happenings like Special Offers, promotions, Book of the Month, Author of the Month etc. This will help you decide the section you wish to visit.

To help you locate your products faster across our selection, you can use our browse and search features:

You can browse through products in different product categories using the links on the top panel of each store. The top panel will allow you to go to any Category present on Pathak Shamabesh site. If you know what category you need to make a purchase, you can hover on any of the category and choose the store from where you need to make a purchase. Once you find Books/items that you wish to buy, you can click on the image of the product and get to know further details.

If you know what you want, you can directly go to the Book/Item of your choice using the “Search” feature accessible from the top of every page on the site. To search for a book say, Rabindra Samagra, type “Rabindra Samagra” in the search box provided, choose “Books” from the dropdown and click ‘GO’. This will display the whole set of Rabindra Samagra series.

Add Item to Shopping Cart:

Once you are ready to purchase an item, click on the tab “Add to cart” next to it. This will add the product of your interest from the store to your own shopping cart.

You may add as many items you require from any of category to your shopping cart in a similar manner. All Categories of Pathak Shamabesh are just a click away and located at the top panel of your screen.

Once you have finished adding items to your cart, you are now ready to check out. Just click on the “check out” tab which appears after you add the item to the cart. You will be asked to provide your email id at this stage. We will need this to update the status of your order.

Shipping Address:
You can enter a gift message to accompany the shipment to the desired person/address..

If you are a registered user of Pathak Shamabesh and have set a default address, you need not enter the shipping address at every shopping instance

You can pay for your order using a plethora of payment options, ranging from; Reader’s Club Account, Credit and Debit cards, and even cash -on-delivery (only applicable for Dhaka residents)or send us a cheque/demand draft.

Pending Authorisation:
Your order is kept logged on after you complete the procedure and check out. But we are yet to get the authorization from the bank or we are waiting for the bank to get back to us with the authorization of your payment may delay the process.

We have received the payment approval from the bank and we are about to begin the processing of your order within the stipulated time.

Being Processed:
We have started the process of procuring the Books/items from your order and are waiting for them to be delivered to us. This status will be shown only for the book orders, in case it is not our own publication.

Ready to ship:
The status will move to “Ready to ship” immediately after authorisation except for books/items, although they will be processed and shipped only as per the specified shipping duration mentioned against the item while placing your order.

Your order has already been shipped out of our warehouse and is on its way to your delivery location.

The order has already been delivered to the delivery location specified by you.

The status of your order will be sent to you over email at every stage. The tracking number will be sent to you over email once your product has been shipped.

Payment Options:
Patha Shamabesh uses the latest technology to ensure that information is transmitted from your browser to our server safely over the Internet on a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) link. In fact, we have a secure digital certificate from Verisign Inc. – one of the world’s largest secure digital certificates issuing company.

At Pathak Shamabesh, we accept the following payment options:

Credit/Debit Cards:
All American Express, Diners, MasterCard, Visa credit cards (both Bangladeshi and International) are accepted.

Bikash is a mobile payment system that lets you make payments from your phone through a simple SMS.

Cash on Delivery:
(Only Applicable for Dhaka City)

The Cash on delivery option is available only for selected books currently. The cash on delivery logo will appear next to the items which carries this option. Please find below the guidelines for availing the Cash on Delivery option.

Cash on delivery facility is available only for orders over Rs.20,000/-

The Cash on delivery payment option is available on orders that ship to a single shipping address.
Pay cash on delivery to the delivery person. They will not accept cheques or demand drafts.
Before processing your order for cash on delivery, our agent will call you over phone. After you reconfirm that you have chosen to pay by cash on delivery, your order will be processed.

Other Payment Option:
You can pay for your orders in part or in full by using Pathak Shamabesh Reader’s Club Membership account

Reader’s Club Membership Account:
The Reader’s Club Membership account is a feature which allows you to create an account with Pathak Shamabesh and maintain a credit balance by sending in an amount of BDT 20,000 in advance. You can use the account to then shop regularly without going through the process of paying for each order separately, every time.

Other Payment Options:
You can also send us a cheque or a demand draft/Banker’s Cheque to pay for your order. Please select the “Pay by Cheque / Demand Draft” option to utilize this facility. Please note that we will not be able to accept cheques or demand drafts, which are less than BDT. 1000/-.

Sending Gifts:
The internet lends itself very well for sending gifts to friends and loved ones. At Pathak Shamabesh, we have created some specific features, to make your gifting hassle-free:

Entering a Gift Message:
In the shipping details page, you can tick the box displayed to specify your order as a gift order. You can also enter a brief personal message to accompany your shipment(s) in the space provided.

Track the Status of the Order:
How to check the status of your order?

Click on “My Account”. In case you are not signed in, you will be asked to do so at this stage.

1. Tracking orders that are not yet delivered?

Click on “Track pending order” This will enable you to view the status of an order. Click on the order number to view the fulfillment status of a specific order.

2. Reviewing delivered orders

Click on “Review your purchase history” and on the specific order number to get the necessary information that you need.

Return Policy:
Products once sold are Not Returnable exception;

Manufacturing Defect incase of Other Items

Missing Pages

Damaged Book

Delay in stipulated Delivery time (for more than 7 days)

In case of cancellation of an Books/item(s) due to a “stock out” situation, we will refund all your money back to your account. Typically, refunds will get credited to customers credit / debit card account in between 7 to 14 working days from the date of refund initiation.

Listed below are the details of scenarios that lead to refund and the Pathak Shamabesh policy pertaining to these refunds.

Reason for Refund

Payment option to which refund will be done

Estimated time for Refund from the date of cancellation

Damaged Book/item

From the same account from which it was paid

7- 14 Working Days

Defective or Wrong item

From the same account from which it was paid

7- 14 Working Days

Lost in transit

From the same account from which it was paid

7- 14 Working Days

Missing Pages or other parts

From the same account from which it was paid

7- 14 Working Days

Return Policy

Reader’s Club Member

3 Working Days