O General My General : Bangabir General Mohammad Ataul Ghani Osmany CommanderinChief Liberation War of Bangladesh 1971

Ban gabir General Mohammad Ataul Ghani Osmany was a distinctive leader with exceptional gifts of head and heart. He was a great military leader both at war as well as at the time of peace. It is a rare opportunity for a Commander-in-Chief to win a war. General M A G Osmany’S accomplishflients in his fabulous life included the historic victory in the war of liberation in 1971.

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Dewan Mohammad Tasawwar Raja

Lt Col Dewan Mohammad Tasawwar Raja psc, AC was commissioned from Bangladesh Military Academy with 20th BMA Long Course on 23 June 1989. He commanded the Tank Regiment 12 Lancers, which became the Best Unit in the formation m 2008. He served in Armour School and Infantry School as ‘Distinguished’ tactics instructor.He participated in UN peace missions in Iraq-Kuwait (UNIKOM: 1996) and Sudan (UNMIS 2007) and awarded with ‘Peace Medal’ twice. Lt Col Tasawwar Raja did staff course from Mirpur Dhaka & Quetta Pakistan and was honoured with ‘psc’ He also had armour training from China & USA Presently, he is a Directing Staff (Instructor) in the Defence Services Command and Staff College (DSCSC), Mirpur. Born on 15 October 1967 at Sylhet, Tasawwar Raja comes from an illustrious family. His father Dewan Talibur Raja, MA LLT3 (Aligarh) is the second son of Khan Bahadur Dewan Eklimur Raja (Kabbo Bisharod) Tasawwar Raja is also the great grandson and direct heir of Mystic Poet Dewan Hason Raja. His mother, Syeda Mina Raja, a dedicated social worker . His publication includes Hason Rob Shomogro (2000), Bangladesh Armoured Corps (2010) and Kabbo Bishatod Eklzmur Raja Shomogro (on the process) He has established and patronizes Hason Raja Foundation, Talibur Raja Memorial Library, Educationist Dewan Talibur Raja Trust and Museum of Rajas’ He is a member of Bangla Academy and Kendnyo Muslim Shahitto Sangshad, Sylhet.

The book “0 General My General” elucidates the life and works of this great personality It consists of six chapters.The important facts (At a glance) of General Osmany along with the biographical almanac have been described in Chapter OneThe details of his family background, early life, education military career role in the liberation war political life etc are aptly illustrated in Chapter Two. Chapter Three helps the reader to gleam an impression of this great leader from varied opinions of different authors! The readers can derive useful information from the historical documents printed in Chapter Four, some of which are still relevant in present day’s context.The cover page and printers line of various published books on General Osmany have been included in Chapter Five for keen researchers and readers.The exquisite photo album in Chapter Six with a variety of photos portrays the General.


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